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Yang Jianxin
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Restaurant of university of Er of American health Nai provides doctor of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties
Chinese hotel brand manages institute researcher
China develops the strategy to urge seminar chairman committee member
Center of check study of Beijing University government hires instructor especially

During American holiday hotel works, mr. Yang gives birth to the United States' famous psychologist horse Si Luoxian " demand administrative levels of the person is talked " had sufficient research, combine Chinese national condition, the management that handles 5 arrangement pair of person —— employee distinctly again and the management to the guest go up, in the develop a school of one's own in travel restaurant management. Mr. Yang applies him to work to be carried out mediumly in restaurant all the year round, put forward restaurant to sell iron keep under control of the job: Namely: “ sells ability to have profit ” only, every employee has done “ hotel respective own job, had served each guests attentively, it is the sale ” with first-class hotel. The Mr. Yang “ joy job in the initiate in management of hotel manpower resource manages law ” to be in at present itinerate of countrywide of all kinds hotel makes a speech

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