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He Jianmin
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Economics doctor
Obtain the State Council special and subsidiary expert
Chinese travel society consults an expert
Management of travel of university of Shanghai finance and economics fastens a director

Industrial and commercial management, travel supervises adviser of professional doctoral student, doctor of Fudan University economics currently holds the post ofinternational of university of Shanghai finance and economics management of travel of institute of industrial and commercial government is a director, chinese travel society consults an expert, expert of Shanghai travel committee of experts, expert of committee of major of Euramerican homecoming hotel, china International commerce learns director, director of European Union seminar, shanghai world economy learns director, shanghai business economy learns director, the strategy of much home restaurant and hotel group and travel area and management are advisory. Ceng Yu 1991 finish at Austria international travel runs an institute, obtain international travel to run expert letter, obtained China of Ministry of Education and fund of researcher of European Union higher education 1998 in Austria university of Sa Ersi fort is engaged in studying the work. Independent compose or chief editor advocate already published monograph of interpret more than 20.

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