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Wei Xiaoan
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Researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Travel agent restaurant manages department director
Famous travel economy and administrative expert

Hunan Heng Yang's person, have successively held the posts of researcher of assistant of institute of economy of finance and trade of courtyard of Chinese company division, code of policy of national tourism bureau manages politics grind department deputy director general, section chief, vice director, travel agent restaurant manages department director, researcher of program development and financial department director, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Participate in ten years to come to China tourism develops each are great and decision-making, accumulative total of working sex gain 200 much words. The organization carried out bail of quality of assess of class of star of travel standardization, hotel, travel agent, China area of first-class travel city, travel (dot) the main job such as construction of quality grade assess, 3 areas. Published " fact of travel heat problem says " " the path that travel crosses by force " wait for much department work

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