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Bring harbor big public house
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Hotel level: SamSung class hotel

Bringing harbor big public house is the Anhui harbor that meal of a collect, guest room, recreation is an organic whole hotel of joint-stock SamSung class, floor area 12000 square metre, be located in highway of beautiful water chestnut and road of lake of overgrown with weeds to hand in collect place, the park including a river with pretty scenery leans east, as great as Anhui theater is adjacent on the west, traffic is convenient.

Bring harbor big public house from 1995 since practice, receive in glory title of ” of restaurant of class of fine heavenly body of “ of the Anhui province 6 years continuously, room Wu ministry obtains ” of date of civilization of provincial youth of 2001 year “ .

Hotel one, it is meal 2 layers, set ooze heart garden, violet Yun Xuan (the home of common people) dining-room and balcony of city of cate of 2 buildings samite, management badge, another name for Guangdong Province, plain, the various dish such as raise of the Huaihe River; Nightclub of 2 buildings starlight, 15 KTV balcony operates computer to nod a song by the guest entirely, acoustics is admirable.

5 come to be guest room eightfold, set all sorts of odd worlds, standard, luxurious apartment in all 136 (set) , 24 hours of central air conditioning, cold hot water is supplied, socket of free broadband net is set inside partial room, set economic floor, business affairs floor, sweet floor according to the demand of different guest. The hotel still sets establishment of all ready peace and happiness and service of form a complete set, can satisfy the requirement of of all kinds guest.

Install harbor big public house to offer 24 hour account inquiry, foreign currency to change a service downstage. Card of cash, Great Wall, peony card, Long Ka, Pacific Ocean card, Jin Sui can be used when checkout card, Express, all things amounts to card of card, Dalaika, VISA, JCB card.

Guest room serves:

Guest room sets standard of all sorts of cell, business affairs, luxurious apartment in all 136 (set) , provide service of 24 hours of guest room. Deserve to have inside the room confuse your bar, TV program rich and colorful, the video station that the hotel does oneself, phoenix is defended inspect nearly 50 channel such as Chinese stage, film stage and China amusement stage to choose for you, inside the room can go up freely broadband net. To get used to Morpheus habit of the Chinese, guest room uses make the bed of Chinese style of complete cotton things, sweet, comfortable.

Room of peace and happiness

Room of peace and happiness is located in a hotel 8 buildings on the west side, environmental Jing Ya, establishment is high-grade, set room of chess card room, gym, ping-pong, body and mind is loosened below Ke Lingge, enjoy life adequately.

Assembly room

Assembly room is located in a hotel 7 buildings on the west side, establishment is advanced and all ready, it is your business affairs communicates the good place with communication.
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