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Big public house of Yin Ruilin international
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Astral class grade: In 5 stars appraise through comparison
Big public house of Yin Ruilin international fastens Yin Ruilin group to invested 2002, by the country level of 5 stars grade designs the hotel of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of build, it is the public house of 5 stars class that visits first civilian battalion to build completely. Through a few years develop steadily, yin Ruilin already made the famous brand of industry of hotel of the Anhui province.
Hotel environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, great of imposing manner extensive, the service is normative, characteristic is bright. Downtown of male crouch Hefei, total floor area 42000 square metre. Hotel market guest room, meal, sauna, recreational at an organic whole, have high-quality goods of cell of business affairs flatlet, business affairs, business affairs now, standard guest room, average guest room and presidential flatlet in all 441, various meal balcony reachs a banquet hall that can contain 1000 people repast at the same time 22 times, big medium or small assembly room in all 8 place, set act art square, luxurious KTV balcony, free shake, the public place of entertainment such as hall of singing and dancing. The gymnastical center with chess recreational balcony, perfect card, hairdressing beautifies hair the form a complete set such as room of card of center, chess, billiards room, shopping centers, parking lot serves establishment everything needed is ready. It is you are away on official business, the good land of conference of travel, recreational, fete, business affairs.
Yin Ruilin's person scrupulouslies abide by the guest that the service with first-class “ will be tomorrow, the viewpoint of value of the brilliant ” that excellent quality will be tomorrow, from beginning to end with full enthusiasm, for each friends that arrive at Yin Ruilin, provide the most perfect service.

Address: Thing of flourish of city of Chinese · Hefei amounts to a highway 258 postcodes (P.C. ) : 230041
Phone (Tel) : 0551-5669999 (telephone exchange)
Guest room books (Tel) : 0551-5669086 5669297
Meal books (Tel) : 0551-5669997 5669986
Recreation books (Tel) : 0551-5660268
Sale ministry (Tel) : 0551-5660000
Fax (FAX) : 0551-5668889

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