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Big public house of Hefei peace international
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Hotel level: Hotel of 4 stars class

Big public house of Hefei peace international is the 4 stars step that invests build by limited company of group of trade of Anhui report trustworthy hotel of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals. It is located in Hefei downtown, highway of beautiful water chestnut and road of lake of overgrown with weeds are handed in collect place, be apart from an airport 8 kilometers, be apart from a railway station 6 kilometers, station 4 kilometers. Dong Yi includes river park, galactic scene area is faced on the west, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, communication is easy.

Hotel building style is distinctive, adornment is elegant. Total floor area is close 30 thousand square metre, on the ground 24, underground, have the parking lot inside the courtyard of above of nearly 1000 square metre. All sorts of service facilities inside inn are all ready, have international to go up most first close communication equipment, inside all guest room all but free high speed receives Internet, it is the good place of activity of travel sightseeing, business affairs and to sit a meeting. The hotel has various guest room 243 are covered, room have a level, between standard of standard apartment, business affairs, business affairs apartment, luxurious apartment, peace apartment and presidential inner room. Guest room of 15 view scene can look down at elegant the galactic scene area of happy person. The Chinese meal hall of each different can offer two styles to send breakfast of barbecue of Brazil of big vegetable of badge dish, wet Shan, self-help and self-help dish of dish of dish of another name for Guangdong Province, cottage in relief place, raise of the Huaihe River, newly.

Store of peaceful high-quality goods manages bag of all sorts of world brand fashionable dress, cosmetic, box, leather shoes to wait. At the same time the hotel still has chess card room, nightclub, gym, sauna, hairdressing to beautify hair wait for establishment of peace and happiness. 5 size differ, characteristic the assembly room of each different, can accommodate nearly 600 people to attend a meeting at the same time most, TV of satellite of interface of Internet of broadband of equipment of advanced seeing and hearing, measuring projector, microphone, high speed, international is you the optimal choice of business affairs conference.

Peaceful international big public house is acted on with “ guest consummate, credit the first, enthusiastic and friendly, the tenet of excellent service ” , serve level according to international star class, await respectively the presence of global broad guest, the romance of the domestic ” that makes you true experience “ peace and warmth.

Meal serves:

Peace, offer beverage, boiled water, coffee and smoke wine, assist alcoholic drink small feed. Place- - to first old hall

Peaceful cafeteria, advocate barbecue of Brazil of dish of dish of battalion another name for Guangdong Province, cottage in relief place, self-help and self-help breakfast, provide 24 hours of services sending eat, 9 luxurious balcony, hall of yellow hill of the largest box can hold 14—16 person have dinner, the hall can recieve the banquet of 22 banquet less than. Place: Hotel 2 buildings
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