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Hotel of club of international of Hefei foreign trader
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Hotel level: Hotel of 5 stars class

Country of type of the member that hotel of club of international of Hefei foreign trader is located in Chinese Asia-Pacific economy to be organized, garden is new and high inside technical estate development, spur Hefei municipal government new site needs 2 minutes only, beauty spot of proximate Sichuan hill, it is the hotel of luxurious business affairs of class of a 5 stars.

Traffic of hotel of foreign international club is convenience, be apart from downtown to need 10 minutes only, need 15 minutes only to airport of hillock of Hefei a white horse with a black mane. More than 20 style the honoured guest balcony of each different, display for you on cate of pure Nanjing fourth hill; The Nanjing master shrine of ” of small shop of the Huaihe River of “ the Qin Dynasty is fastfood local color is distinctive; Style of hall of sunshine garden Western-style food decorous, environment is beautiful, provide 24 hours of services sending eat; The ” of corridor of wine of “ sweet a small room with culture full-bodied atmosphere, take your taste the nostalgic amorous feelings of Shanghai of 20 centuries night.

The guest room that the hotel provides many elaborate design for guest is close 200, marble bathroom uses bath house and depart of bath crock independence above all. Every room was deployed dial directly phone, freezer central air conditioning, domestic and internationally, confuse network of your bar, private safe, broadband and channel of 40 many home, international. Floor of administration of ad hoc of honoured guest building offers more for the guest give special treatment and convenient.

—— of fishing village of hotel Changjiang Delta can hold the shindig office of more than 300 people, suit to hold a party, buffet bender large and formal welcome an activity. The honoured guest balcony with 20 disparate styles, it is the good place of fete guest friend more. The large kitchen of Nanjing fourth hill with excellent craft is displayed for you on the fourth hill cate of delicate unsurpassed. The hall of sunshine garden Western-style food with place oneself quiet and tastefully laid out environment, you can enjoy Western-style gust, still but adjacent outside summary window happy person view. Old hall bar tastes a sweet tea, carefree ground spends a paragraph of satisfied time, calm meeting makes your body and mind free from worry.

The hotel has the assembly room with different measurement, what can hold 300 much people is muti_function hall, set the most advanced image sound and lamplight facility, professional conference serves, ensure your conference consummation. Additional, center of fitness of hotel ad hoc, include the gym with house of ball of wall of Hefei head home, all ready equipment, ping-pong room, billiards, tennis court and swimming-pool to wait, extend bones and muscles for you, lax body and mind.

Hotel of club of international of Hefei foreign trader, it is you come Hefei business affairs makes an on-the-spot investigation, the first selection of the conference and travel stays hotel!
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