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Nuo is rich special mountain villa of Hefei neat cloud
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Nuo is rich special mountain villa of Hefei neat cloud is elegant Gao Qiyun mountain villa is hotel of the international that elegant tall hotel manages a group to invest and manages by France business affairs, the Hefei city that is located in one of cities of 4 old science and technology, wrap adjacent of photograph of save ancestral temple with official of famed and abroad name of Northen Song Dynasty, industrial district of the water chestnut that be the same as the United States becomes a gleam of repeatedly, rely on Hefei traffic main artery closely one annulus road.
Mountain villa has the guest room of all sorts of 246 types, choose for the guest use, independent pilot is set inside the room central air conditioning. Mountain villa has 3 adornment elegance, comfortable dining-room, provide cooked food of various China and foreign countries, delicate and goluptious, gust each different. Business affairs center can orchestrate the conference of of all kinds business affairs, congratulatory banquet, business affairs activity such as product news briefing. The recreational fitness establishment of mountain villa is you loosen the mood, eliminate fatigue good place.

Room price

House price: 850- - 1242

Service and configuration:

Dining-room, wash clothes, air conditioning, freezer, phone, color television, hot water, broadband, receive a station, tourist guide, order a ticket, bazaar, safe, gym, hairdressing room, parking lot, assembly room, business affairs center, satellitic TV, the car is rented, the bicycle is rented

Be in an area: [Anhui · Hefei]
Contact an address: Road of lake of Hefei city overgrown with weeds 199
Contact: Nuo is rich special mountain villa of Hefei neat cloud
Zip code: 230000
Connect a telephone call: 0551-2286688

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