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Hotel of holiday of Hefei ancient well
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Hotel level: Hotel of 5 stars class

Hotel of holiday of Hefei ancient well is located in commerce and flourishing downtown center, need 10 minutes to be able to arrive at fair ancestral temple of free ferry, bag and 9 lion center to view and admire each famous places and historical sites on foot only. It is the hotel of 5 stars class of a modernization.

Hotel of ancient well holiday has 338 guest room, include apartment and flatlet, president suite, broadband net socket, independence is set inside all guest room adjustable type air conditioning, confuse you the establishment such as TV of satellite of ark of bar, ice, international. Mix with the much work office that can hold 200 people all sorts of medium or small the requirement that you can satisfy to differ between banquet bag, 4 adornment grace, gust the dining-room of each different, let you all enjoy Asian type and Western-style cate.

The 2 buildings coffee that is located in hotel old hall provide the coffee that comes from world each district, tea, cake and bit heart; Gymnastical club has establishment of various fitness recreation, sauna, indoor swimming-pool, bowling house, fit all sorts of requirements of the person that travel reachs business affairs. Chalisi bar whole town is famed, have singer and show of band spot passion.

Meal recreation

4 decorate luxuriant, gust the dining-room of each different, let you all enjoy Asian type and Western-style cate:

Golden laurel dining-room- - international concentration dish.
Noodle shop of 24 hours of all night- - various gust noodle and extensive pattern mug-up.
Restaurant of A Yibao fish- - piscine ” of A Yibao of “ of rare world dainty, by “ the king ” Yang Guan of abalone one gentleman founds with one's own hands.
Indian small hutch- - the most authentic India cate, bring the most authentic India culture.
2 buildings coffee be located in the public house is big, come from coffee of whole world each district, tea, cake and small mug-up to let you should enjoy good time.
4 buildings Chalisi bar whole town is famed, passion of place of Philippine band spot is performed.
Conference establishment

Hotel of holiday of Hefei ancient well has 4 auditoria, include 1 many among them can functional hall. Suit organization of of all kinds conference, the meeting of board of directors that auditoria holds 16 people likely goes to the theater of 300 people type conference.

We have seasoned professional conference to recieve personnel, can satisfy you to wait for different need to banquet of evening of all sorts of conferences, banquet, theme, ensure your activity is successful and satisfactory finish. The activity that perfects equipment of top-ranking seeing and hearing to be you more add vivid and wonderful.

Shop recreational

Indoor swimming-pool
Gymnastical club (pool of gym, sauna, Turkish bath, surf reachs massage service)
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