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Big public house of Hefei new Great Wall
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Hotel level: SamSung class hotel

The big public house of new Great Wall that big public house of new Great Wall is located in road of lake of Hefei city mew is the market that by edifice of Anhui yellow hill finite liability company runs is fed, old, amusement, buy a at an organic whole omnibus public house, the hotel is built by SamSung class, the building is 16 tall, gross area makes an appointment with 14000 square metre, establishment is all ready, adornment is decorous.

Big public house of new Great Wall has a level, the of all kinds room such as 3 worlds, luxurious flatlet more than 100, establishment is all ready adornment is decorous. Still offerred relaxed and cheerful recreation flatlet to like the guest of chess card, the room is decorated elegant, establishment is all ready. Furniture is luxurious, beautiful, deserve to have programmed control telephone call, 24 hours of order programme of central air conditioning, cable television, video, cold hot water are supplied, offer for the guest convenient, quick wash dress Wu, business affairs center is divided ticket of plane ticket, train ticket, car still is set to wait outside offerring of all kinds business affairs to serve book business.

Business area of city of cate of new Great Wall makes an appointment with 1500 square metre, set fine valley hall and hill sea office two halls, 15 balcony, design style Chinese and Western is united in wedlock, repast environment is luxurious, elegant, mutual eat many pieces 600. Fine valley hall times every night roll out a wonderful song and dance, distinctive color, elegant environment, make the guest is sampling cate when the glamour that appreciates culture of meal of big public house of new Great Wall adequately, big public house of new Great Wall is the superexcellent place to go of business affairs fete, party kissing friend not only, also be to undertake the good place of marriage banquet, conference.

Room price

House price: 264- - 425

Service and configuration:

Dining-room, wash clothes, air conditioning, freezer, phone, color television, hot water, broadband, receive a station, tourist guide, order a ticket, bazaar, safe, gym, hairdressing room, parking lot, assembly room, business affairs center, satellitic TV, the car is rented

Be in an area: [Anhui · Hefei]
Contact an address: Road of Hefei mew lake 283
Contact: Big public house of new Great Wall
Zip code: 230001
Connect a telephone call: 0551-2200888

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