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Big public house of Hefei gold ring (4 stars class)
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Big public house of Hefei gold ring (4 stars class) : Hotel 2003 practice, the building is 28 tall, gross of mutual guest room 150 / cover various guest room, all guest room all receive broadband Internet freely, the dining-room of each different can contain 3 special flavor at the same time have dinner of 300 much people, the hotel still has center of ticket of carry out of room of card of female outfit of high-quality goods France, chess, civil aviaton, hairdressing to beautify hair, reach the auditoria with 6 perfect equipment, the good place that is activity of your travel sightseeing, business affairs and to sit a meeting. The concept of the service that big public house of Anhui gold ring will change with advanced hardware, human nature, rigorous management, lead and we try hard ceaselessly, make each guests can experience excellent warmth.
Book regulation and requirement
·Of this hotel add bed price to be ¥100 every night every pieces of bed.
·Payment: Pay downstage (Visacard, peony gets stuck, jin Sui gets stuck, the Great Wall gets stuck, long Ka, pacific Ocean gets stuck, all things amounts to card, express, dalaika, JCBcard cash) .
·Room cost includes a hotel to serve cost, do not include a hotel other charge, taxation and guest are additional the charge of the requirement.
·Normally the time entering store of the hotel is 14: 00, time leaving store is midday 12: 00. If shift to an earlier date,live or defer from inn, all need take into consideration the circumstances to add collect fixed fee.

Address: Road of brook of station of district of river of Hefei city package 528

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