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Hefei city peacefully guesthouse
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Hefei city peacefully guesthouse is located in flourish thing to amount to a highway 157, have stuff now 130 more than person. It is one rebuilds by SamSung grade level, collect meal, guest room, recreation, hairdressing, health care, recreational at an organic whole muti_function travel restaurant, total business acreage amounts to 10000 more than square metre, have of all kinds house model more than 90 and big, medium, small-sized 3 muti_function assembly room. Phone of air conditioning, programmed control, VOD, closed-circuit television and broadband are set to get online inside guest room wait for facilities facilities. Guesthouse embrace beautiful scenery of around the city, border ancient free ferry, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, traffic is convenient, be apart from railway station, station only 5 minutes of distance. It is you the good place with fete of business affairs conference, business affairs, recreational travel.
Room price

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Service and configuration:

Dining-room, air conditioning, freezer, phone, color television, hot water, broadband, parking lot, assembly room, business affairs center, satellitic TV

Be in an area: [Anhui · Hefei]
Contact an address: Thing of flourish of the area in Hefei amounts to a highway 157
Contact: Peacefully guesthouse
Zip code: 230000
Connect a telephone call: 0551-5529888

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