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Culture of dish of raise of the Huaihe River
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Su Lai is summarized
Jiangsu dish department calls dish of raise of the Huaihe River department, Su Cai again, one of 4 big vegetable departments of Chinese.

Dish, Su Xi dish, Nanjing dish, Xuzhou dish comprises Jiangsu Lai main You Huaiyang. Jiangsu dish arrogate to oneself is cooked fresh fresh water product, stress knife skill, pay attention to igneous work, moderate of taste Xian Tian, clear bright quietly elegant, weigh former juice raw ingredient, be good at stewing, stew, cook over a slow fire, evaporate, burn wait for cook method.

Jiangsu is located in temperate zone of our country the eastpart part, climate is friendly, geographical condition is advantageous, yellow Sea, the East China Sea is faced east, the Yangtse River of in a steady stream is traversed mid, river of the Huaihe River east flow, north has Hong Zehu, na Lintai lake, surging even if the canal sheds north and south, provincial big lakelet berth is dotted, changjiang Delta an abundant place, changshu of the four seasons of season water fresh vegetable, zhenjiang hilsa herring, eel of two the Huaihe River, too lake whitebait, nantong saury, the sea crab of the harbor that connect the cloud, Sha Guangyu, the big crab of in relief settleclear lake, the spot fish with the particular Jiangsu when sweet-scented osmanthus blooms appears on the market in succession, the Nantong wolf pheasant with celebrated China and foreign countries, mail duck high, be like the ham of Gao, the * skin thin pork that peaceful promotes is tender, the low base Huang Qinglai of Nanjing tender smell of its stalk plain boiled pork is sweet, the duck blood glutinous that Suzhou takes, the bean products of peaceful city, and the goose that spreads all over a region of rivers and lakes, duck, wild rice stem, lotus root, water chestnut, Gorgon fruit, how do the 5 Liu austral the Huaihe River of Chinese of according to legend invent bean curd, cooked food is made with gluten when the Northern and Southern Dynasties, bamboo shoot, deep wait for maigre raw material. The boil with rich above held the post of raw material to provide good corporeal basis for the development of Jiangsu cooking.

Jiangsu cooking history is long, the Yangtse River is downstream before Qin Han the food of the area basically is " fish of meal paddy a thick soup " , " day of Hunan demit · is the same as " write down have " why does emperor of pheasant of Peng Keng pour provide dinner for? " sentence, namely the grouse a thick soup that renown hutch Peng clangs place is made, be fed for Di Yao, get greatly Monarch Yao appreciate, feng Jijian establishs big Peng Guo, namely today Peng city Xuzhou. Sui Tang since two the Song Dynasty, jin Ling, aunt revive, the market that Yangzhou and other places flourishs promoted the development of Jiangsu cooking. Like Northen Song Dynasty " Qing Yilu " write down emperor of Yang having the Sui Dynasty to build temple greatly in Yangzhou Yuan Dingwei goes, the flooey crab that Jiangsu place produces, candy crab is articles of tribute, wipe crab carapace surface mop clean, the Long Fenghua that cuts with golden paper Mimide is stickup above. Yangzhou uses the seedling of dark green bamboo slip or chrysanthemum, tangle seed of crucian carp cruelly oppress, carp those who wrap " detailed child meat chopped into small pieces " , dish tastes a spells synthetic peony condition famous design and color that Suzhou uses piscine 鲊 " exquisite peony 鲊 " wait to explain in Tangsong Jiangsu already had make complex, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, the craft dish with beautiful shaping was tasted. Traffic of inland river of Jiangsu of times of bright Qing Dynasty develops, boat banquet be current, nanjing, Suzhou, Yangzhou all has boat dinner. Magic art of ability of cooking of clear acting Jiangsu is increasingly fine, dish breed is abounded greatly, gust characteristic has been formed, the impact in the whole nation is bigger and bigger. Part of institute of clear person Xu aing jade-like stone " Qing Dynasty insignificants kind of bank note " in write down have " the person each have distinguishing feature of sumptuous courses at a meal, the division that be like Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiang Ning, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, the Huaihe River is installed. " the 10 point that here moves, 5 place are Jiangsu famous city.
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