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Badge dish culture
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Badge dish is summarized
Badge dish is the main delegate of Anhui dish, one of 8 big vegetable departments of Chinese. Badge dish traceable inhales county, carry forward Yu Jixi " badge helps chef " . Of badge dish famous companion of as unripe as the flourishing photograph of badge business photograph. Period of bright Qing Dynasty, the ground of sortie of every badge business, all set badge food shop.
The formation of badge dish and development, it is products of the geographical environment with Anhui, economy, fashion consuetudinary and close want correlation. Anhui is located in southeast the motherland, hua Dong hinterland, abbreviation " Anhui " . "Anhui " have world-famous Huang Shan He Jiuhua hill is winding at Changjiang Delta earth, on the west of the Yu Wan of magnificent stretch in an unbroken chain of day column hill that fastens hill He Xiuli greatly along, make the two big natural protective screen of Anhui churchyard. River of the Yangtse River, the Huaihe River traverses churchyard eastwards on the west oneself, it is complete province cent 3 place are natural between north of Changjiang Delta, the Huaihe River and Jiang Huai area. Changjiang Delta is a mountainous area, strange peak is folded emerald green, join of chain of mountains, teem with tea, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom, agaric, board mast, the hill precious game such as mandarin fish of accipitral chelonian, peach blossom, masked civet. Campagna of north of the Huaihe River, fertile soil a thousand li, fertile land 10 thousand just. Teem with cultivate of commissariat, oil plants, vegetables and fruits, birds, it is distinguished an abundant place, flock of here chicken duck, flocks and herds is encircled completely, vegetable in season, fruit is sweet attractive. Especially Dang hill crisp pear, desolate county grape, too He Chunya, eddy in relief liver mosses works, make a name already domestic and international. Between Jiang Huai, rise and fall upland, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, your person is intoxicated. The Huaihe River of edge river, edge and Chao Hu are taken, it is fish of our country fresh water important produce one of divisions, blue waves of 10 thousand just offerred substantial aquatic resources for badge dish. Among them river of whitebait of lake of hilsa herring of rare the Yangtse River, mew, the Huaihe River answers crab of fish of musical instrument of county of Wang Yu, short for the Jinghe River, 3 rivers to wait, it is long the curiosa in the banquet of negative great reputation. All these days give superb work, what become badge dish to take is endless, use not the products natural resources of exhaust.
The style of badge dish and other dish department are different, it is celebrated with game of cooking hill precious. Choose makings is rigorous, wu seeks new work tender, anything but be there just to make up the number. Make exquisite heavy oil, heavy scene (soy) characteristic, be good at burning, stew, evaporate, shade is appropriate. The technical feature of badge dish depends on: It is the flavor that is good at developing raw material itself, hold former juice raw ingredient namely; 2 it is flavour of assist of commonly used ham, rock candy carries delicacy, cooking wine is brought except raw meat or fish sweet; 3 it is to stew, when evaporate, protein moisture solution gives the amino acid that contains a lot oflittle taste, adipose the cooking wine that decomposes the organic acid that go out to be added together makes face cream, special faint scent is consequently goluptious.
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