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Plain dish
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Plain dish

Saying path: "Feed in China, flavour is in Sichuan. " but, provincial person and even foreigner speak of plain food, always think of above all " hemp is hot " , think its characteristic abandons this 2 words not to have him again. If a foreign friend is in of his compose " bean curd of Chen Ma's mother-in-law " say or state with certainty namely in one article: "The hemp that the life of plain dish depends on it (fragrance of Chinese prickly ash) and hot (the acrimony) of chili. " really, sichuan person since ancient times " still flavor " , " good Xin Xiang " happy event feed hemp hot. They believe, sweet hot delicate piece. In the plain dish of magnificent grand sight, chili really one branch alone beautiful, since advocate expecting is burden.
In plain dish with " hot " the cate cate of become attached to is not little, the cookbook that browse is knowable, sweet shredded meat of cutlet of ferry of chicken of flesh of such as cook again, saliva, river, fish, palace keeps lung of plain boiled pork of bean curd of mother-in-law of gallinaceous man, hemp, cold and dressed with sause, husband and wife piece, and so on of the Hu Dou that blame flavour is celebrated the dish of all directions, once leave segment or section of beans of county of any of several hot spice plants of of great capacity of dry chili, bubble, ripe oily hot pepper, Pi,wait for chili dressing, its are inherent charm and local characteristic will pause loss of gloss is collected. Rank the valve of Pi county beans of the coronal of dressing of Ba Shu chili, more by hot deadbeat of be addicted to people praise for " the fetch of plain dish " . Near of Sichuan pickle free time is famous, and by the coronal with " piscine hot pepper " the bubble chili of good name is the pet in memory of division of plain food cooking all along. Plain dish is used hot flavor the system has more again exquisite, fine add divisional, have hemp hot, acerbity hot, burnt hot, fish is hot, fresh hot, dry hot, bloat hot, sauce is hot, red oil a lot of child department. This explains plain dish is famous the four seas, be apt to is used and use opportunely " hot " it is one of reason that cannot ignore really. Again, common saying says " miserable and shabby heat is hot " , but the people of hill city Chongqing slants like to holding watermelon in both hands to eat in old hot days hot iron again " wool abdomen chaffy dish " , that is clearly seek a kind of interest to fasten, pleased. Tradition of Chongqing chaffy dish is long, "Hot " renown 4 raise, deadbeat spits your all directions for it the tongue drips sweat, also do it dump is done obeisance to take. Regard the promising young person's Chengdu as small chaffy dish, in culture of food of make public Ba Shu " chili spirit " go up unwilling also give the impression of weakness, have the power of the billow before the billow after the Yangtse River is driven greatly. Food is corporeal culture, art is mental culture. Spirit is corporeal report, arrive from material spirit, sichuan person be addicted to is hot behave really get have a very high level.
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