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Word of Lu Cai history
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Lu Cai of word of Lu Cai history, the history is long, the influence is extensive, it is the main component of Chinese food culture, make one of 4 big vegetable departments of Chinese, with its flavour is salty, bright, fragile tender, local color is distinctive, make be famous in subtly global. Ancient books cloud: "Eastern region, the place of heaven and earth only then unripe also. The ground of piscine salt, the seaside draws near water, its civilian eat a fish and be addicted to is salty. All install its to be in, its feed the United States. " (" the classics inside Huang Di. Element asks. Different law square appropriate is talked " ) Qi Lu earth draws near according to hill namely the sea, products is rich, the good district that economy developeds, the formation that fastens for dish of the development of cooking culture, Shandong, offerred good condition. Be in early Qi Huan of period of age the Warring States' fair minion easy tooth, ever was with " be apt to and the five flavors " and celebrated renown hutch. Xie of tall in relief viceregal Gu Sai is in when the Northern and Southern Dynasties its composing " Qi Min wants art " in did to the cooking art of downstream area in the Yellow River relatively systematic summary, marked way of numerous name dish, reflect the excellent skill that Lu Cai develops at that time; Tang Dynasty Duan Wenchang, shandong faces Zi person, mu Zongshi holds the post of prime minister in feudal China, essence of life at food, make up oneself feed classics 50, make historical control. Reason arrived Song Dai, what Dou Bianliang calls the Song Dynasty " north is fed " , namely Lu Cai's another namer, already implemented scale, bright Qing Dynasty two generation had claimed dish is fastened. The capital city and its environs from Qi Lu; Arrive from inside Shanghaiguan outside Shanghaiguan, influence place and already amounted to the Huanghe valley, northeast region, having broad dietary masses base. Lu Zhibang of Shandong Gu Weiqi, everything needed is ready of game of oily livestock of seafood aquatic animals, grain, vegetable fruit, insect, offerred rich corporeal condition for cooking. As the history evolve and the development Lu Cai of facilities of economy, culture, transportation formed Jinan, glue gradually again east two ground dish is, represent inland and coastal local gust respectively.
Fontal city Jinan, from gold, yuan set later treat for the province, the cooking name hutch of Jinan people, use rich resource, comprehensive and successive traditional craft, absorb nonlocal experience extensively, dong Lufu hill, south the cook craft be in harmony of Lu Jining, Qu Fu is an organic whole, promote cooking technology of place to masterly and perfect state. Jinan dish is taken makings is extensive, come high delicacies of every kind, low to vegetable of melon and fruit, it is very common Pu Cai, kidney bean, bean curd and cultivate birds splanchnic wait to all can make delicate cate. All through the ages of Jinan catering trade is very flourishing, former some gets together the old store that the Ceng Jiu such as the Feng De, building that collect a coin enjoys great reputation, already all ran Shandong convention gust dish is famous. Yantai, Qingdao is located in beautiful glue east peninsula, in order to cook seafood be good at. The birds egg dish of Lu Xi, Lu Bei; What Tai'an is main raw material with bean products is Lenten, and cooked food of the flesh that Lu Zhong area has Qi Guowei wind, fish has distinguishing feature each. Shandong dish is craft of cook of collect Shandong each district is long, hold the characteristic that receives each district gust concurrently to try to develop raising of things to a higher level, become through long-term historical evolution.
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