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The word says Shanghai food
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Shanghai dish is by 16 big famous cook genre affects development to improve each other those who rise become dish to fasten alone, absorbed at the same time on the west the good qualities of dish. Shanghai dish is good at braise in soy sauce, steam, unripe stir-fry before stewing, flooey, cook over a slow fire, evaporate, blast, its have on behalf of dish: Ginseng of big black of drumstick of gallinaceous bone sauce, the five flavors, toad-in-the-hole, shrimp roe, unripe stir-fry before stewing is careless flesh of bamboo shoot of head, oily stew, Bai Qie, local color is distinctive, person " the sea sends dish " .
Gallinaceous bone sauce: Choose stripping and slicing of fat tender careless chicken, stir-fry before stewing of green, ginger is put to fry in boiler, wait for fragrance to go out to issue gallinaceous piece bump to break up namely, to eight maturity, put the condiment such as refined salt, soy, white sugar, fry chicken to amaranth, add boiling water ten minutes again, wait for Gorgon euryale is ticked off when juice is concentrated, drench * oil and sesame-seed oil, bump breaks up, sa Cong paragraph, outfit dish become namely, color shows sauce red, fat tender delicacy is sweet.
Drumstick of the five flavors: Wipe drumstick basket steam comes on right amount refined salt ripe sodden. Onion powder and curry stir-fry before stewing are put to give sweet smell in boiler, the wine of boil carry on, juice that add steam, put tomato sand department and condiment, issue drumstick to be burned again, tick off Gorgon euryale, add green oil, emit into drumstick next dish in, irrigate on more than juice to be become namely. This famished look shows red coral, sweet, hot, acerbity, sweet, salty wait for a variety of flavor.
Toad-in-the-hole: Will bloat the dominoes form with filling with good sauce fleshy piece comes into oily boiler blast flaxen, fall into the boiler of boiler of boil in water for a while of the end that use green, add condiment to break up fry outfit dish, fry one saucer additionally concentrated sweet-and-sour juice, along with dish go up desk, sauce dips in with the flesh when sampling. Shrimp roe big black joins: Green oil is put in frying pan, throw the big black ginseng that has sent with oil, add condiment, soup-stock, scatter on shrimp roe, burn outfit bowl, evaporate half hours, bend is entered fry pan in, receive juice to Shang Nong, pi Chao makes up dish, tick off Gorgon euryale to drench juice. Light of dark of this meat and fish dishes shines, qualitative soft crisp sodden, juice thick delicacy is sweet.
Flesh of river snail a place of strategic importance: Take out river snail flesh, go end. A place of strategic importance inside housing fills the fine and soft of * thigh meat that enters mix up, the snail on the lid is built, in putting the pot that adds condiment, burn boil 7, 8 minutes, outfit having pot dish become namely, famished look is reddish, bright fragrance is thick.
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