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Feed in Guangzhou
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Guangzhou person loves to eat, can eat, the world is famed, bit more exaggerative view is: Guangzhou person does not eat besides four-footed table outside, whats eat, then, spadger, partridge, pangolin, batty, fur seal, rat, cat, dog, snake, monkey, chelonian... more than 1000 kinds of material can become the cate on the desk. And one of 8 big vegetable departments of Chinese dish of another name for Guangdong Province, with its draw materials is not restricted, flavor clear delicacy, 100 dish 100 flavour, change is boundless, become then global the most welcome dish type.

● drinks tea
Come to Guangzhou, always want to learn to learn Guangzhou person, in the morning 9, at 10 o'clock about, apply building of the tea on newspaper of portion of Shi Ran nip to drink tea (local loves to say " sigh " early tea, it is how the ground is enjoyed it is thus clear that) . Guangzhou tea building has early, midday, evening actually 3 city, it is the place of Guangzhou citizen intercourse and crossing-over information, ferial in 35 good friends get together, love is quiet with respect to one person corner, holiday family dispatchs; Talk about the daily life of a family of pragmatic, appraise, have southern and distinctive life interest. Of course, getting on tea building is the tea that drink a dot not only so simple, sigh the content of tea, included nosh. Extensive pattern mug-up is made careful, pattern is very much, have commonly: Horn of fruit of shrimp dumpling, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, pink, taro, fork burns chicken of cake of bag, horse's hoof, polished glutinous rice to wait. Go up wine shop have dinner, "Swimming seafood " it is little not. Guangzhou person consumes seafood on average to measure is the whole nation most, love eats to also can have piscine shrimp, their evaporate fish is top-ranking, the first dish of have dinner often is soup. Shang Shui, very important in Guangzhou life work, that already sublimate arrives " life is moist " the level. Because what Guangzhou person eats to be paid attention to " former juice raw ingredient " , they like to be scooped up in boiling water (very hot) dish will eat, the Qing Dynasty for the sake of maintaining vegetables as far as possible is sweet. Here, feel actually the unripe active state of Guangzhou person is spent suddenly with taking course is a style, the economy of Guangdong why good, because their brains is opened,be, be happy to accept all things that they had thought. At nightfall, guangzhou maw mouth again active, late food cate supplies before dawn all the time from in the evening, face of pink of barbecue pot-stewed fowl, unripe congee rolling the pork, sanded river, Yun Tun, various stew article, powdered eggs of current state fish... count deeply more. Distributing in Guangzhou urban district east, south, on the west, boreal Xi Hao is 2 driveways, vast region, clear 5 of hillock of calm way, chelonian, Hong Delu small feed group, person " to feed a market " (language of another name for Guangdong Province " to feed " namely gluttonous meaning) , but " to feed " Guangzhou person, stature is thin however thin and small is small, a little bad to understood.
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