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Beijing dish culture
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Beijing dish is summarized
Chinese dish element has 4 gale flavour and department of 8 big vegetable say. 4 gale flavour is: Rash, plain, raise of another name for Guangdong Province, the Huaihe River. 8 big vegetable are, it is to point to commonly: Shandong dish, Sichuan dish, Hunan dish, Jiangsu dish, Zhejiang dish, Anhui dish, Guangdong dish and Fujian dish. Do not have Beijing dish among them. Investigate its reason, basically depend on Beijing dish breed complex and multivariate, compatible and harbour all directions gust, renown dish is numerous, be hard to classify. In course of study of past Beijing meal, shandong house is most, call somewhat at that time 10 big, point to Qing Fengtang namely, get together the hall name such as virtuous hall; 8 big house, point to wait for house name with house, arenaceous boiler room together; 8 buildings, point to the building name such as the Dong Xinglou, building that send the United States, peaceful abundant building; Still have 8 big spring, point to Qing Linchun to wait spring the name, these cafeteria are Shandong gust mostly. Come nearly more than 10 years, cafeteria of Beijing old name presents flourishing picture, countrywide each district cafeteria of famous gust of city of 20 much provinces, again more than 100 go to Beijing practice; 5 continent name eats the world to also a few is in Beijing settle. Do not give Beijing, can taste savor whole nation, even dot of dish of gust of world each district. Dish of gust of countrywide each district, come in Beijing assemble, shirt-sleeve, development for years, form dish of individual craftsman Beijing. Past Beijing has royal, nobility, VIPs, huge business big Gu Hewen person refined scholar, because social association, formal, climate and other natural phenomena of a season reachs the need of daily meal, emerge as the times require of cafeteria of of all kinds, inside palace, feudal official, big gate of an old-style big house, employ have cook. These chef come from far and near, craft of China food culture play of sufficient put to good use, make Beijing area dish nods: Namely the dish dot that palace dish is room of board of the drive in palace of face pointing to Qing Dynasty, also absorbed Ming Dynasty palace

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