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Chili interesting word
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People press " eating freedom " " do not have chili not revolution " comment so in one article eat hot: "Chili is clever really. A few enter the mouth, with respect to meeting tongue pins and needles, silk of silk of ask for a favor is inspiratory. After eating a few again, dripping wet of all of a muck of sweat, personal feeling of unobstructed of hematic arteries and veins flies upwards. Because lay vivid peace and tranquility is weak and world-weary person, the exciting life that had chili becomes rich and colorful, also can broaden smiling face. The person with conquer strong desire, nature of conquer society, conquer does not have ability, conquer turnip Chinese cabbage insufficient meaning, chili is bold and powerful and violent and won't revolt, it is optimal conquer object. All along self-abased person, other respect neither is like a person, had hot the advantage that passes a someone, masturbated with respect to enough. Masturbated with respect to enough..

Eat in China earth be apt to hot person main concentration is in western plain, the cloud, expensive 3 provinces are adscititious Hunan. Common saying says: Guizhou person is hot do not be afraid of, hunan person is not afraid of hot, sichuan person is afraid of not hot. Plain person is fond of not only eat hot, more kind takes hot, eat piece a lot of hot come, hot like burnt, sweet hot, acid is hot, sweet hemp is hot, hot wait. Not only such, in last few years, as Sichuan chaffy dish (contain former Chongqing chaffy dish) to the promotion outside the province, eat hot wind to diffuse quickly, and by Tan Yu the head is in countrywide chain is outspread, happy and carefree resides the branch in each district more eat hot wind to push to the climax, have more very person, enter this year autumn since, imperceptible in, sweet hot wind is in an ancient name for China sadly interest is blown, sweet hot crab, sweet hot shrimp, sweet hot river snail is in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin to blow fiercer more, exceptionally grand occasion, be like really do not have chili not revolution, interest of an ancient name for China blows sweet hot wind.


Feel disgusted all along eat hot and the Shanghai person that rejects provincial dish, most first by Tan Yu the place of plain flavour chaffy dish of the head moves, the little sweet hot tingle of chaffy dish is roily Shanghai maw bowel. Nowadays, sweet hot crab lets Shanghai again if men and women is crazy be like drunk, the store of several chaffy dish that remembers sweet hot crab to be a delegate with the Song Dynasty explodes late late hall, queue up to await desk, the interest that also added even Tan fish head sweet hot crab pursues a kind, more those who let a person fix eyes upon is cafeteria of Shanghai this locality, shop of food of food of another name for Guangdong Province also sits do not stand, the drive out that chase after wind is wet, considerably placard pushs sweet hot crab, sweet hot shrimp comes. Although the sweet hot crab of Shanghai 48 yuan of / jin, sweet hot shrimp 68 yuan of / jin, still be deadbeat flocks. Whole big Shanghai speaks of the modernest eat, do not have almost do not answer: Sweet hot crab.
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