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The concept of badge city culture, connotation, origin, feature
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The concept of badge city culture, connotation, origin, feature alludes badge city culture, want to say ancient badge administrative division above all. The yellow hill town that established 1987 shows administer 4 counties of 3 areas (collect brook area, badge state division, Huang Shan area, inhaling county, Yi county, cease) of county of peaceful county, a surname door, the area is 9807 square kilometer, population is amounted to 1.46 million, chinese traditional culture is here -- the core birthplace of badge city culture. It is from ancient the badge city evolution that says to be installed newly and come, the history is long, take the place of early from the Qin Dynasty begin to build buy Yi, inhale two counties, already had 2200 today old. Announce of Northen Song Dynasty mixes 3 years (1121) , badge city replaces inhaling administrative division and stand, next administer have Yi county, inhaling county, cease county of source of peaceful county, Qi Men county, Wu (1934 lay off, today city of the forgive on subject Jiangxi province) , accomplishment brook county (1987 lay off, show attributive the Anhui province announce city) , yuan the badge state seat of government of period of bright Qing Dynasty is withholding end all the time this kind of one city (government office) the pattern of 6 counties. Visible, "Badge city " it is concept of a geographical area not only, still be concept of culture of a history. It is one place the Chinese traditional culture that has typical sense alone is tribal. Distinctive historical geography environment, the political environment that stabilizes for a long time, mainland reachs the social environment of activity of person of nonlocal badge city, dai Xinru of the Song Dynasty learns -- bright red a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties serves as Cheng " the country learns " positional establish, the prosperous of the career amounts to culture education and imperial examinations, especially the rise of badge business and at the height of power and splendour, conditions of these omnibus society history made badge city culture should carry generation. Actually it is " one city (government office) of 6 counties " " small badge city " with Gu Hui city person is in of activity of countrywide other section " big badge city " the historical child of interactive action.
Culture of alleged badge city, we consider as person of city pointing to badge to be in especially on the history most brilliant " badge city times " (1121 to 1911) in all societies that place creation comes out are civilized the summation of achievement and fortune, the systematic content that bearing with by material culture, system culture and mental culture place are formed, existing objectively freely stagger hierarchy concerns. Say roughly, its material culture (implements culture) town of Gu Cheng of city of ancient dorp of geography of history of state of badge of layer biscuit draw together, badge city, badge, badge sends a building (the city that be like badge city of Gu Shui mouth, badge is ancient build 3 absolutely; System of land of city of badge of draw together of biscuit of layer of its system culture (system of the fall forward that be like rent land) , city of system of badge state patriarchal clan system, badge imperial examination of state of system of education, badge system of religion of city of system, badge; Level of its spirit culture more see extensive, include thought learning kind install Chinese hackberrya of city of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, badge newly to learn (namely Jiang Daipiao learns) , Hu Kuo new learning; Literature is artistic kind badge city dialect, Xin Anwen learns (if install ancient folk songs with love as their main theme newly, folk song of badge city ancient couplet hung on the columns of a hall, folk) , how to draw a clique badge clique woodcut, newly, . Badge clique seal cutting, content is changed in earth of ancient badge city on the corporeal carrier of various materiality and wood of mountains and rivers-land, still
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