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Xinjiang cate
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The baking hotpot of Xinjiang is strung together the whole nation is famed, be versed in with person of Wei Wu Er fine fire is baked slow especially most bright is tender goluptious. Urumqi has the fastfood store of a lot of nation gust, it is more in room of ordinary lane, appearance, also what discharge archives appearance not less greatly is place in downtown streets. Essence of life is worn at the cry out of the counterjumper enthusiasm of the business invite a pedestrian to sample, turn over the flesh on charcoal of the move that bake deftly to string together at the same time, proper besmear is scattered on Zi like that, face of salt, chili, drive the aglow aroma that comes over to be boiled to on guest pour one bowl big again a little while " red brick tea " .

Of Xinjiang person experting gave a name. Shop all along not with two by the balance, if say " come to a jin " , that points to a kilogram certainly. Outside so long, come back suddenly I am true still a bit unaccustomed. Connecting barbecue to string together also is very fervent, 5 Mao Yi is strung together, it is the sliced meat with abundant fat completely, one feet how long what string together on iron autograph is full. Put on the oven of flourishing white charcoal, cutlet Zhi oozy glistening oil bead come, the surface is anxious fragile golden, in fleshy soft is fresh and tender, the ovine get fed up that the Zi that increases stimulation tastes like that and leaves eat of part raw meat or fish, taste really delicate.

Person of this locality Xinjiang can have the flesh very much, this is a mark with Xinjiang life vivid higher level. Often they one dehisce is about 229 strings, with respect to the beer on draft with cool and refreshing move, red perhaps aroma is acerbity " red brick tea " , so that so that sitting,chat slowly eat, cool flesh is strung together is smelling of fish is heavier admittedly, that nevers mind, can call boss go off with to be baked afresh at any time will eat, very recreational.

Still have those who bake complete sheep, a grill is raised on the mantis of charcoal fire, the whole only little kid with butcher only place bound 4 hoof, wearing on again and again barbecue. You love eating place most with your choose, what the boss can bake is tender fragile, cut piece perhaps rip place, fill in fine white porcelain dish, salt of the dishful on other end gives you, dipped in fine sample finely. I think eating barbecue to drink beer on draft is most of the be bored with that solve raw meat or fish, regrettablly oneself are very finite on wine, hotpot is much also not feel like eating, changing taste is to want to be troubled by several days uncomfortable.

Coming home this is temporary shortage when, the bowl with Xinjiang warm weather, at that time melon and fruit has not left town. Forgive is such, already full also street is a fruit. The honey peach of Chengdu pink fresh and juicy, full and perfectly round; The litchi of Guangzhou is amaranthine and cabinet, fruit white leaf is green; The mango of Kunming is golden wave sweet, fetching covet, most is apricot, have half palm volume, the gives pink fully facial expression that Huang Cheng weighs, soft Wen Xiangtian, xinjiang this locality produces make. Also have plum, violet nigrescent, look twice to had felt of the acid on cheek awful, knowing is over there carried come. Two Li Shu before my door also written guarantee full if really, still be hard good green egg child. Of the knot circle so closely v/LIT all over the ground, the branch presses carry did not rise, a withe has dropped, expect wants red when will be August about.
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